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As a business owner, your website is a replica of your business, company, and brands and whatever impression your site gives goes a long way as it determines whether they are going to buy your products and services or not. So one of your primary concern as a business owner or company director should be how to update your website at regular interval as it serves as replica or representative of your company or business to potential partner, customer or client. A well designed and structured website will bring substantial traffic to your website thereby increasing your revenue, albeit certain technical factor and conditions needs to be properly checked and put into consideration while developing your website in order to maintain and sustain success in your online business;

Navigation Factor:

Navigation is a very crucial factor to consider when developing a website for your company as it plays a huge row in accessibility to your site. Your site navigation should be so simple to the extent that it is accessible and comprehensible to prospective clients and customers who visited your site or stumble on it while searching through search engines, the more simple and easier your site navigation is, the more accessibility and positive impression it creates on potential clients and visitor, and the more they will like to partner with you or buy your products and services. That is why, at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we lay huge emphasis on site navigation for easy accessibility for all our client works, and this had brought many successes to them accounting for some of the reasons why they chose to remain with us.

Brand Consistency:

Consistency in your individual, company, or organization brand is very important if you are to maintain and sustain huge success online, and therefore must be your hallmark. By this I mean your brand message, brand image, brand logo, and brand colour must reflect on your website as it creates good impression about on your company on potential client and customers who visit your website or stumbled on it through google or other search engines. But the reason why so many online businesses failed or does not live up to expectation is because they are being handled by the wrong web development company as many of them does pay attention to brand consistency, so that is why you have to do thorough research on any web development company before giving your company website to them as many are just crap. For instance, majority of our clients and customers had done so much research and findings about the quality of our services before coming to us and they are so satisfy with our services that they now refers people to us, all in addition to the fact that all our services comes with optional 30-days money back guarantee. . It is important for you brand to be consistency in your website for maximum credibility to a potential customer or client.

SEO and Reading Patterns:

In the world of information and web technology, Search Engine Optimization which we normally called SEO is a world on its own as it decides and determines if your website is going to be successful or not. By SEO, I mean the practice of optimization your website for high visibility, ranking, and accessibility to google and all other search engines. Ninety- Percent of those who will come to your website will come through search engine when they are searching for one thing or the other from the search engine, meaning that you have little or nothing to gain if your site is not extremely optimize for search engines like google, generally web development company charges separately for SEO services but we offers it as part of our services to all our clients as they don’t have to pay for it, all with high level of successes and reliability couple with optional 30-days money back guarantee.


You might have heard from people saying content is king when it comes to experiencing high presence and successes online. I can tell you authoritatively that content is not just the king but everything. You must avoid copyright infringement or copied content from other website on your website, you content must be very unique and of high quality. This will enable your website to rank high with google and a host of other search engines. Depending on the web development company handling your website or web application job as some will just copy content from other site for you while you are not aware of it only for google to filter away your website from their search result for copyright infringement or copied content, but for us at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we have professional copywriter and content developer who do write quality content for our client that doesn’t have time to sit and write content for their website. All these makes individual, companies, and corporate organizations to keep on approaching us, as all our services comes with optional 30-days money back guarantee.

All the above factors had worked extraordinarily for us at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS with high successes for all our customers and clients worldwide, and if it had worked for us, then it must definitely work for you.

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