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Web design is simply the act of designing, and creating website. It is a fact that many people did not know web design encompasses a lot of thing such as, usability, accessibility, functionality, engaging, message, branding, and simplicity. It is a must for all these to be accomplished at the design face of your website, if you are to get maximum benefit from it, else your website will not be able to achieve its purpose, or the purpose for which it was created.

At MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTIONS, our staff tries to know the purpose for which you want to create a particular site, so as to know the right methodology and approach to adopt. With additional benefit of 30-days money back guaranteed.

Once you contract your company, organization, schools, business or personal website project to us. We will give you some period of days, during which our technical staff will be creating your website, host, and publish it on our server free of charge. It is obvious that people create website for various reasons, which may be web presence, efficiency, profitability, and so on. Let’s proceed by taking them one by one;

Web Presence

It is possible for you, or your company, organization, school, church, colleges, clubs, or mosques for the purpose web presence. By web presence, I mean, just having a website for people to know that, they can contact you, your company, or organization online. As it is a known fact that, whether it is you, your company, organization, club, school, college, community and so on, cannot get huge presence online if it cannot be found through some of the world major search engines.

MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTIONS is one of the few web development, and hosting company around which ensures that all his clients get huge and maximum presence online. At MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTIONS, we make use of highly sophisticated and robust equipment, with human cognitive intelligence method to ensure that, you have huge and maximum presence online through various search engines and social media, alongside with optional 30-days money back guarantee.


When we talk of efficiency in web development, administration, and information technology, we are talking of applying latest advances in information and communication technology to activities, processes, or specific task effectively and within the shortest possible time. That is why at MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTION, we’ve succeeded in developing School Management Solution Software for schools and colleges, Poultry Management System for Poultry Management, e-Exam solutions for schools and colleges, e-hospital for hospital management, e-lab for medical laboratory management, POS for retailers, and so on. All these ensures that our clients operates at 99.9% efficiency, all with optional 30-days money back guarantee.


The third and obviously most important reasons for opening a website is to increase your profit margin. Of course, what is the essence of having a website if it cannot give you or your organization strong presence online, cannot increase or improve your efficiency, and does not increase, or give your school, company, organization, club, or church substantial amount of profit. At MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTIONS, our aim and objective is to ensure that all our clients get maximum benefits and profit from their websites and online presence.

To achieve all these, at MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTIONS, we takes a lot of measure , highly sophisticated technology, and human cognitive intelligence to ensure that your aims and objectives of having a website or online web application comes to reality.

We offers web design services with optional 30-days money back guarantee. With this, you can use the form below to contact us, or request for quotes, and one of our customer care representative will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours.

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MEMESCO Solutions now accept payment through paypal, credit card and debit card from our clients in addition to bank deposit/ e-transfer. Our support services now ranges from 9:00am to 4:00pm GMT. All correspondence to

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