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In today’s world of web and internet technology, it becomes easier to judge people by their website. In fact, your company website is the face of your company, in the sense that both the success and failure of your business, or company can be determine by your website. It is imperative for every website to have good usability, and better performance, if it is to be highly successful. For instance, out of billions of website online, very few are successful. Those few that are successful are successful because the owner put some factors to consideration, before hiring web designer, or developer. This is because; there are millions of so called free lance web designer and developer with little technical expertise. Whether you want to create a new website, or restructure, and develop an existing website of your or your company. The truth is that you must hire professional web designers, or developer to handle it for you.

First and Foremost, you will be face with the dilemma of whom to hire, as you have to choose between hiring a web development company, and hiring a freelance web developer. In an era of modern technology, it is imperative for you to take your business online, if it you really want it to succeed and get maximum benefits from it. The fact that there is an increase in demand of mobile and web development raises the demand for freelance web developer to substantial level. When trying to hire freelance web developer for your company, or business website. The following five factors must be put into consideration when trying to hire free lance web developer:

1. Portfolio Assessment: Never give your web design and development project to any freelance web developer without seeing portfolio. A web developers portfolio speaks a lot about the developer, so you are to see their portfolio and have a critical assessment on their portfolio. If he/ she had done any project similar to the one you are proposing, and was well done. At this stage, you can start contemplating on whether to give him a chance or not.

2. Availability: If the freelance web developer scale through the first stage, that is you are satisfy with worth you’’ve seen so far, as regards his or her portfolio. The next issue that should come to your mind is availability. It is one thing to have a competent freelance web developer, it is another thing entirely for him to be available during the period in which the project will be carried out. Never give or commission web design and development project to freelance web developer who will not be available, as it posses more risk and threat to the proposed project.

3. Experience: As the say goes, experience is the best teacher. You have to choose experience freelance developer over new developer who is seeking for experience to boost his resume and portfolio. If you are hiring freelance web developer. One of the main reason why you needed to go for experience is that, in the course of the development of the project, experience web developers can easily scale through any difficulty they might experience. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, the reason why clients from different part of the world hire us for their web development project is due to our many years of experience in web development industry, and none had ever regret their decision.

4. Area of Expertise: Many of the so called freelance web developer had an area of expertise. For instance some are well established in content management system like Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, Joomla and so on. These Content Management System being used by many freelance developer because they are not internet and web programmer. The Ideal truth about them is that each of the CMS had their own short comings and limitations. Also websites created by these CMS are those normally attack by hackers, but you will be able to update it by yourself. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we don’t use content management system due to many security issue associated with them, we write raw codes which makes your website secured and fulfilling its purpose. We also makes an avenue for you to update at by yourself, but majority of our clients depends on us to update their website for them, which we are happy to do.

5. Tools and Technology: In web design and development industry, there are varieties of tools and technologies to adopt. Take for instance, we have php,, c#, mysql, mssql, javascript, jQuery, CSS, angular js, node js, html, and so on, in addition to .net and linux hosting technologies. Some tools and technologies are more suitable, robust and scale well for some applications than the others. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we accesses the type of application you want to determine the right technologies and tools to adopt for the project. So, before hiring any freelance web developer, try to ask for the tools and technologies he is good at.

6. Time Frame: In the ever changing world of web and information technology, it imperative to meet deadline for any project. The fact here is that, some freelance web developer will promise to meet up with the deadline, only to later disappoint. So, you must time frame for the project with him, and be sure he or she can meet up with the deadline before reaching an agreement and commission your project work to him or before hiring him.

7. Post implementation or development services: You have to be critical and judgmental at this stage. All freelance web developer will tell you they offer post implementation or development services, whereas in reality, they offer little or none. Ask him some logical and tricky questions, such method adopted for his implementation services, pricing range, as well as some other tricky question that will it easier for you to make the right judgment and decision on his post development services. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, our clients trust us for post implementation and development services, and that is why they'’ve remained with us until now.

8. Price: This should be the factor to consider last. And you must have been satisfied with the first seven factors listed above .At this stage, you must discussed price, as well as terms and condition. freelance developers have different pricing, as well as term and conditions. For Instance, At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we offer free hosting for all our clients, as well as optional 30-days money back guarantee, should in case, you are not satisfied with our services, which had never happened before, as we work 24 hours round the clock to satisfy our clients.

Having discussed some of the most critical condition and factors to consider, when hiring a freelance web developer. It is time for you to make your decision base on the factors listed above, we are also ready to handle your web development project at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS. MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTION CO wishes you all the best…

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