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Web development can be said to be coding, or programming on the other hand which enables functionality of a website based on the requirement or specification set by the owner. Web development process starts from processes involved in creating text pages to a more complex and robust web page application. Such as social network application, e-learning application, e-commerce, online business solutions, e-voting, and so on.

At MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTION, being a respected information technology company, we uses diverse range of technologies, human cognitive intelligence, SEO codes and ethics, and well secured iCloud server to build a well robust application for you with optional 30-days money back guarantee. Web development can be classify into the following;
(i) Client-side Technology
(ii) Server-side Technology
(iii) Database Technology

Client-Side Technology
Client-side coding or scripting involves the use of human cognitive intelligence which makes your website very charming, awesome and compatible with all browsers, to increase, and improves your visiblility on the world wide web. Some of the technologies adopt at MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTIONS involve but not limited to Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, macro-media flash, node.js, angular js, and so on. The combination of all these technologies makes your website dynamic, awesome, compatible, and fulfill its purpose, or the purpose for which it was designed, whether to increase your companies profit, online presence, or any other reason.

At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, your websites, and any other application given to us will be developed by a team of professionals who are experts in virtually all web technologies, with loads of hand on experience in search engine optimization industry, meaning that your website will be ethics of all search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, entireweb, AOL and so on. In additional with optional 30-days money back guarantee. You can always use the form below to request for quotations, and our customer care representative unit will reply you within 24 - 48 hours.

Server-side Technologies

By server side technologies, we are talking scripting and writing for a web server. Once your website, or any other project had been developed on our machine with latest advances in technology. We place it on our well secured server for it to be seen on the World Wide Web (internet). Our web programmer professionals writes series of code, commands, and scripts which will be executed or read by the server to ensure that your website or any other project given to us serves its purpose, or meet the requirement(specification). Our expert programmer, web developers, software developers, and database architects, will ensure that some of the website pitfalls seen in some major websites today are evaded.

The fact that we have team of seasoned expert web programmers, and developers at MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTIONS mean that your project will be handle by people at the fore-front of latest advances in information technology.

Database technologies

Talking of database technology, we are mean, keeping all your records with a particular storage technology for later use and references.

At MEMESCO IDEAL SOLUTIONS, we high level of data integrity, along with 24/ 7 automatic backup of all data, for your company, clients, and your site content.

Should you be interested in any of our services. Kindly use the form below to make enquiry, and request for quotations. One of our customer care representative will respond within 24 – 48 hours.

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