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As an individual, company, church, or any form of organization. It becomes imperative at one stage or the order to have online presence by having a website. At this stage, you will be face with some pertinent questions which are inevitable such as disk space, hosting space, outsourcing, platform, and so on. It is no more news that, any decision you takes, or method adopted at the stage will either make or bar your website, which results in huge loss depending on the size of your company or organization. Without wasting of time, the followings are the top six factors you need to consider before creating website, either as an individual or organization once it goes life.

1. The Right Professional
Once an agreement had been reached by a an individual, company, or organization on the very need to have website or web application. The very first question that comes to mind is whom to give, or contract the web design job to, as there are many unprofessional web designer around. Some of these so called web designers have very little experience about web designing and development. The person, company, or organization designing, and developing your website determine how successful your website will be once it goes live. In that case, it is advisable to contract your web design work to top web development company, with proving experience in web industry.

2. Site Map
After getting the right person or company to contract your web design job to. If the web design and development company is experience enough, the first thing they will ask from you is a site map for you’re the website to be created. The site map will contain list of pages of the new website that will be accessible to crawlers, and major search engines like google, yahoo, bing, and so on. What is the essence of having a website if it is not visible on search engines like google search, yahoo search, bing and so on. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, the first thing we ask from our client is their site map, and we also assist them in drawing a site map for their website. The essence of having a site map is to give the web development company an hint on what the site content should contain, and also direct some of the major search engines on how to crawl your new site.

3. Web Hosting
This is one of the technical factors to have a critical look at. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we do ask some questions from our clients such as how bid the new website should be, the estimated number of visitors expected on the proposed website. This will be use by us to determine both the estimated disc space, and the bandwidth for the proposed website. The fact that we offer web hosting services makes everything easy for our clients.
At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we offer free web hosting services and domain registration for all our clients, which mean you will not have anything to worry about. Once your web design project had been commissioned to us. All you need to do is to relax, while we finish everything on your behalf.

4. Search engine optimization or SEO
Talking about search engine optimization or SEO, I mean the act of making your proposed website relevant to all the search engines such as google, bing, yahoo search, and so on. It is from these search engines that prospective clients will come across your website. The fact is that so many website got lost in the search engines such as google search engine, because they are not properly optimized. So search engines sees the website as irrelevant, that is why google overlook millions of webpages. Search engine optimization is another professional work on it own outright. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, once we are through with your website project, our SEO team will look at it and optimized it for all search engine. This will ensure the new website will be seen from all search engines for maximum exposure.

5. Keywords
In web design and development industry, keywords are group of words related to your proposed website. It is one the basis of this keyword that we will optimize your proposed website so as to be index by google and other major search engines. This will make your website to rank higher for the keyword, thereby boosting your new website, while at the same time giving you maximum exposure. There are billions of crap and failed website today, because they are not properly optimized along with the right keyword. At the same time, there are some SEO experts who uses what we called crap SEO strategy to optimize their clients website, this had many google to penalize, and black mail millions of website.
At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, our team of SEO professionals follows all rules from the major search engines to optimize your website, for maximum exposure and traffics.

6. Propose Web Category
Websites are classified into two main category, which are static and dynamic website. So your proposed website is likely going to fall between the two categories of website mentioned. This depends on the rate or frequency in which your website will be changing, or updated. If the proposed website will be frequently updated, then it is a static website, as it will requires minimum supervision. So the opposite can be said of dynamic website, as it requires huge effort, time, and maximum supervision to manage, and update it. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we educate our clients on the main category of website, so as to know the right approach to adopt in creating and developing their proposed websites.

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