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In a world of technology and fierce competition, quality and customer satisfaction becomes the order of the day. So many corporate organizations, online business owner, and online eCommerce services are now implementing website and monitoring services on their online businesses or ecommerce website as it has the capacity to make or mar their online business. Many online business or ecommerce owners harbors the misconception that website monitoring is the same as server monitoring, whereas in reality both are two different things entirely as they did not go hand in hand, does not work the same way, but both are so essential, crucial, and powerful to the extent that they make or mar your online business, and determines how quality your service will be to potential client and customers.

Enumerated below are two important things you actually needs to know in order to save your online business and ecommerce with high quality and effective server monitoring ;

Basic Concept of server Monitoring

Once a website had been created or developed, it has to be place or uploaded to a server so that anybody can have access to it through internet, in order world, it is what will be seen by customers and potential customers and clients when they type your website url into their browser. So when we talk of server, we are actually talking of hardware on which your website is hosted on so as to be seen on the world wide web. Then comes the necessity to effectively monitor server since it is the hardware on which your website is hosted on. If the server work perfectly, your online business work perfectly and f it fails, your online business fails as well as customers and potential customers will not be happy with what they’ve seen on your online business website and so will be force to go to your rival competitor for a quality service. When a server is been effectively monitored, an effective monitoring service will check working conditions and every other things related to the server on which your online website is hosted on such performance level, disk space, bandwidth, etc and sending necessary alerts and notification for necessary correction before your customers and potential customers realizes it thereby moving to your rival competitor. It will help in sustaining your customers for a very long time.

It is very imperative and compulsory to implement and maintain both server and website monitoring services for your online business or eCommerce website. In addition to this, server monitoring will perform certain important functions like firewall monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, disk space monitoring, switch monitoring, router monitoring as well as network and packet flow monitoring. Depending on the hosting company, but for us at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we uses highly sophisticated and human cognitive intelligence to measure our server 24/7, so as to protects websites of our clients and do prevent them from losing any of their clients and customers, and it had been our hallmark over the years which is why several ecommerce and online business owners are rushing for our services, all in addition to the fact that our service comes with optional 30-days money back guarantee.

Giving Technically Essential Parts to the Professionals

Sincerely speaking, as an ecommerce or online business owner, it is practically impossible to monitor your website by yourself talkless of monitoring the server on which it was hosted on. Hence the needs for effective and reputable server monitoring services to monitor your server as well as your website for optimal performances and customer maximum customer satisfaction so as to prevent them from going to your competitor. When looking for server monitoring provider, you needs to look for top company with many years of experience and huge successes so as to get quality and effective service. For instance, at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we have successfully developed series of powerful and sophisticated software and applications to effectively monitor both website and server of all our clients for optimal performance and maximum customer satisfaction so that they can actually retain their clients and customers. This we have done with huge successes as more business and online ecommerce owners depends on us for effective server and website monitoring service.

The fact holds that website and server monitoring service is one of the best investment you could ever make on your online business and ecommerce. With a proper monitoring service, you will be getting important report and feedback on performances of your website.

Should you have any question relating to website or server monitoring service, you can send your question through the form below. You can also use the form below to request for our website or server monitoring service as they are cheap and affordable, and comes with optional 30-days money back guarantee.

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