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Now a days, thousands of individual and corporate organizations just jump into the world of online business or ecommerce thinking it is a done thing without considering factors, pitfalls and challenges that comes with having a website with substantial visitors. Before developing or buying a readymade website, you should have a concrete pan and strategy on how you will generate leads or traffic for them. Thousands of individuals and corporate bodies had spent hundreds to thousands of dollars in buying expensive website with little or no success to show for the expensive site they bought as millions of internet surfers, potential customers and clients are not aware of their presence on the web.

There are some factors, conditions, pitfalls and ideas to strictly consider and put in mind if you want to buy or own a website that will generate lead for your business. Below are three most important ideas to consider and have in mind;

1. Keep Your customer in mind

Your customers determine both the success and continuity of your business and company. If they are not satisfy with your products or services and decides to move elsewhere, you loses profits or revenue, and when the losses are too much and unbearable, the next thing will be to fold up. So customer satisfaction must and should always be your priority and hallmark. With all respect and in all ramifications, you should know your customers and identify what they want from you so as to give them maximum satisfaction and to ensure long term collaboration with them. You really need to get to there head by ensuring that whatever information and images needed for their conviction and satisfaction are readily available.

2. Keyword Research

Thousands of buyers and potential customer makes their searches through search engines like google, yahoo search and so on by typing keywords relevant to what they want into search field for result. That makes it imperative for your website or online store ecommerce store to comes up and appear in the first page. So entering and optimizing your website with relevant keywords and phrases is imperative and must be your next concern.

This is the most technical and tedious aspect of the job, the more you want your ecommerce website or online store to generate income and revenue for you the more you need the services of offshore web development company. Billions of people who searches on search engines like google will online clicks on websites that appear on the first page of the search result meaning that you will have very little or no visitor to your website if your website did not appear on the first page of search results in google and you cannot do it yourself. At this stage your priority should be to choose the right web development company with practical experience and huge success in the SEO industry to optimize your website in such a way that it will be appearing on the first page of search engines result on your keyword, only very few company can achieve that so you should know your want and taste.

For several years now, we have been performing search engine optimization and generating leads for several websites and businesses including online stores with huge successes, This had been the main reasons why individual and corporate bodies are coming to us as we have customers and clients from different countries. We optimize your website for the right keyword and phrases so as to appear in the first page of google and yahoo search result for maximum click trough rate. Our record and reputation speaks for us, in addition to the fact that our services are cheap and affordable with optional 30-days money back guarantee.

3. Easy and Friendly Subscription Procedure

Anybody who visit your website is a potential buyer or customer and you must see them that way, your website should be convincing enough in all ramification Imagine a situation whereby some who visited your website is not ready to make any purchase due to one reason or the order, your website should have a friendly procedure in which they can actually subscribe to your newsletter and update as it will make it easier and enjoying for them whenever they are ready to make any purchase. Your website should make it clear enough to them as to why they should subscribe to your newsletter for latest update.

It is absolutely possible to make your website a lead generating machine by giving them discounted offer or some give away items or kit albeit you may ask them to pay for token amount for shipping. It will undoubted serves as incentive and attraction to them. Few websites that are actually generating revenue for their owners are those developed, maintained and managed by web development company as they are well position and trained to offer the service. Take for instance, at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, most of our clients and customers leaves their website for us to manage and maintain for them as they knows that success is guarantee. These are in addition to the fact that all our services are cheap, affordable and comes with optional 30-days money back guarantee.

Should you have any question, you can submit your question through the form below. You can also request for our services at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS by filling the form as our services are cheap, affordable and comes with optional 30-days money back guarantee.

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