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When you’re a mobile app developer, you need the right app monetization strategy to help you market and make the most money from your app. Part of a good money-making and marketing strategy is having a website for your mobile product. However, creating a website is only the first step. Before designing a mobile app, there are a few things that every application developer needs to keep in mind in order to create a quality and appealing app that will lead to success. After all, when it comes to mobile devices, design rules are different because the user interface (UI) design does not give you a lot of working room.

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While it may often be forgotten or even wilfully ignored, the importance of creating an app that can easily blend into the user interface can make the difference between a successful product and a failure. It is important for an app to be able to subtly reflect the user interface without compromising any of the uniqueness of the design and certainly none of its functionality. Creating a common theme between the interface and app can often encourage reuse and will most likely lead to a good number of people using your product instead of the competition due to mere similarity, even without any extra compatibility features with the interface. The bottom line is that when your app design is user-friendly, people will use it.

If you combine the fussiness of a smaller screen with the short attention span of the average mobile user, you’re looking at quite the challenge. In essence, your design goal is to create an interface that will not bore experienced mobile users, but will still be simple enough that it appeals to novice users, as well. The other important step is picking the write company to host your website.

The following are 7 essential tips to consider when choosing the best web host:
  1. Know what you need. What sort of website are you building? Will you need a windows application? Are you making it mobile friendly? Do you require special software? How high can the web traffic volume go? You have to know what you want to find and get what you need out of a web hosting company.

  2. Multiple domains. It is inexpensive to purchase domain names. If you intend to have more than one, make sure you have a hosting account that will let you add multiple domains.

  3. Power and stability. Your website needs to be up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year. Choose a web host that offers stable network connections and a powerful server. 99.5% or higher is the recommended server uptime score. Don’t settle for less.

  4. Get other people to review your product – Reach out to journalists, contact bloggers or anyone else who would be willing to review your product. The more reviews you have, the better.

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  6. Reach out to your audience – Don’t just wait for consumers to come to you. Manually recruit customers by reaching out to schools, libraries, gyms, etc. Know your target market and find people in your community to whom the app would most appeal

  7. Run promotions – Create contests or giveaways to help generate interest among consumers. For instance, you can encourage people to tweet or share content on their social media to promote your app and every week you can reward one participant with a promo code that will let them download your app for free (if it’s a paid app) or enjoy some other perk (if it’s a free app).

  8. Online shopping. Will you be selling products via your website? If so, you need a web host that will offer adequate e-commerce features support

  9. Your own personalized email account. If you want to host your own email account, pick a web host that will offer this service. Not all of them do.

  10. Website backup. Sites crash, hackers can wreak havoc, and servers can fail. Make sure you pick a web hosting provider that backups regularly and you’ll be able to restore lost content when disaster strikes.

  11. Refund policy. What sort of money-back guarantees are offered?

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