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The most challenging, daunting, and difficulty aspect of running a website is arguably how to generate constant traffic to website without spending a dime. There are so many website that claims they can drive traffic to your website whereas in reality very few site has the capacity to drive traffic to your website but they charges heavily, so it can be very difficult and daunting for those who are on low budget to get traffic they needed from their target audience or market.
The good news is that there are some ways and method in which you can get traffic from your target audience or market without spending a dim. Highlighted below are some of the ways in which traffic can be generated to your website without spending a dime;

Social media

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your website provided you use it the right way as so many site owners tends to use it the wrong way to the detriment of their online business. Sending and posting links to your friends at every single update of your site is nothing but spamming which will never help in any ramification as they will see it as spamming and something to take with a pinch of salt, also spamming your friends and followers with your site link will have negative effect on the ranking of your website by the search engine because they will sees it as a spam site not to crawl.


There are millions of active facebook users all around the globe and several millions log in on facebook to interact with friends, families, well wishers, and to make new friends. This makes facebook a perfect place for online advertisement and website promotion but any strategy you adopted for promoting your website must fit in with facebook environment for successful site promotion.
One of the most effective ways of promoting your website with facebook is either to create or join a facebook group that fits in with your target market or audience, but I will advise you to join both as you will be able to post articles and other things on your website pertaining to any conversation with the group. If the group is large enough and contains your target audience, then success is very sure. But you must be very careful of posting irrelevant post or content as it could get you ban from the group as they we sees it as spamming, you content must be relevant and unique.
In addition, joining facebook group that contains people in your industry and niche will help a lot as it will improve your site traffic, since they are already your target audience, they will be willing to reap your post and get back to you through your website.


Twitter is in the same bracket with facebook as both follows the same rules and guidelines of posting and sharing useful content and post. In using twitter to promote your website, you actually needs people with large followers to retweet or share your link and post.


Optimizing your website for search engine visibility, ranking, and high traffic is the best that could happen to your website, but several things are involved in it making it a daunting task as it can only be achieved by offshore web development company. Billions of people visits google on monthly basis searching for different products and services. Basically, SEO technique is a technique to show what your website is, niche and relevant usefulness of your website to search engines, and they can only be achieved by SEO professional with proving experience in the SEO and web development industry.

MEMESCO SOLUTIONS is a web and software development company with proving experience in website design, web development, web administration, and mobile application development. All our services are cheap and affordable, in addition to optional 30-days money back guarantee. You can fill and submit the form below to request for any of our services.

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