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There are many freelance web designer and web development company offering web development services , while some are experience, many are inexperience. These freelance web designer and programmers are on the internet selling their services. How much does professional website really cost, and what are the necessary things and steps to take while trying to create website for individual, company, organization, NGOs, and others.

The first thing you need to know and put into consideration is the kind of site you actually want. This is because there are different category of website depending on what you actually want to use the site for, in fact the purpose for which you want to have or own a websites determine and speaks more on the type or category of website you actually need which on the other hand will determine price quotation as well as other component and technology to use for the website. For instance, a website that is being developed mainly for the purpose of advertisement will be attractive, interactive and inspiring to site visitors, as it will create a long lasting impression on them which will make them always to return back to your website, and eventually advertise with you. The fact here is that sizes, and functionality of your proposed website says virtually all and also determines price quotation. Take for instance, at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we have grading system which is what we use to give price quotation to our clients, depending on the quality and functionality of the website they want, and no matter the level of your proposed website, our team of professional expertise will always be available for you.

There is no way we can talk about web design and development without talking about professionals involved. In an ideal web design and development company like ours, your web design job will be done by professional who are specialized on that. Basically, we are talking of two categories of people in web designer and web programmer. A web designer is the one responsible for the design and layout of your website, while a web programmer is the one responsible for all functionalities on your website such as when a click a button to submit a form, or when a visitor want to pay online through your website. Basically the service of a web designer is cheaper and limited compare to that of a web programmer. A web programmer might charge you in thousands of dollars, while a web designer might just charge you some hundreds of dollar. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, your website will be designed, developed, and administered by a team of seasoned web programmers and designers at an affordable rate, in addition to optional 30-days money back guarantee which we offer for all our services. This had been one of the many reasons why people chooses us all over the world.

Now, it is time to talk about web hosting, the fact that you have gotten a website that will be used for business simply means you cannot afford to be complacent or take your business with levity, in short you must no go for shared hosting for any reason. This is another reason for which people prefers us over other company, we gives free, unlimited hosting and bandwidth to all our clients, meaning that you will not pay for hosting, while we also perform SEO and web monitoring service on your website to monitor the performances of your website, and also protect it against hackers. Many people had come to us at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, and complain about the services of some other companies, and complain about their accessibility and downtime of their website. So these, are some of the many reasons why many changes to us, and our clients had continued with us till present time.

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