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As a matter of fact, individuals, companies, and corporate organizations like free websites, as they felt will help them to save some money. Truly, the idea of creating free website will help you to save some money in the sense that the capital can be diverted to something else, whereas in reality, you could be in for an unexpected or unpleasant surprise, as the dynamism, accessibility, and performances of such free websites are noting compare to premium or paid website.

For every free websites, there are prices to pay which are mostly indirectly. The idea of having a free website may be ideal for you if you are developing the website for yourself, but if you intends using the website for business, ecommerce, advert, or generate income, you cannot use free website. If you have a company, organization, church, school, or business. Your website automatically becomes the face of your business for potential customers and clients, so choosing the right website and web hosting providers becomes an uphill task to overcome. If you are to have a successful online presence, choosing the right web hosting company is a must.

Using free website for your business or corporate organization means leaves you at the mercy of the company providing both the site as well as the services that goes with it, meaning that your contents, online business and every other things can be taken away or removed any anytime without prior notice. That is, the company gives little or no attention to you considering the fact that you are using a free site from them, so your business simply disappear whenever their serve crashes. Worst still is that, if the company is sold your website and every other thing associated with the website which suppose to belong to you will be sold along with it, as you will not have full control over it. When setting up a free website, if you try to look at the agreement, as well as terms and conditions that you sign, you will be surprise by what you see, as you will not be having ownership right over the contents and every other things related to the website.

There technology company has different mode of operation, take for instance, at MEMESCO SOLUTION, instead of offering a service that will not promote business and services of our numerous clients, we offers them cheap and affordable web design, development, and hosting services with free web monitoring services and SEO, all with optional 30-days money back guarantee.

Apart from the above mentioned disadvantages, there are a host of other disadvantages which can bring serious drawback to your online and offline business such as limited space and bandwidth. As a company or an organization, limited space and bandwidth makes it very difficult to scale your business online as it grows on daily bases. With free website, it becomes practically impossible to add some interactive features that draw and catch attention of visitors coming to your website. Moreover, you will not be able to include features such as forums, chats, and so on, due to the fact that you are running a free website.

The most difficult and disappointing part of running a free website is that popular search engines like google, bing, yahoo search, ask, and so on tends to ignore and filter away free website. Then what is the benefit and essence of having a website that cannot be access and explore through search engines. It is a mere waste of time, energy, effort and any other input. In addition, if visitors who accidentally stumble on your website will be reluctant to make any purchase or come back on regular bases as site visitor does not trust a free site. Combination of all these brings your website to a negative light.

At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we do help our clients and new customers who cannot afford to pay for website to develop a standard site free of charge, only that they will pay for the hosting which is cheap and affordable. People chooses our services because of expertise and professionalism towards our clients, in addition to our optional 30-days money back guarantee services. Another high cost or disadvantage of running a free website is in the area of support. If you are using a free site, it will be difficult for you to get any help or support from company offering the free site, simply because their priority is always towards their premium or paid customers in order not to lose them. So if your site is not accessible, down, or not coming up, you will have to wait for the owners to come and fix the issue or troubleshoot on your behalf which will be done at their pace rather than yours as every company gives first and high priority to their premium members than others, as that is the bases of their income.

People who chooses to have a free website thinks they are having a bargain as they are really saving, but the adverse effect is that your business will be suffering and setting backward. As a manager of a company, organization, or a business person, you must understand the fact that first impression matters, meaning that, if someone stumble on your website and moves away to another site, then you have just lost a potential client/ sales. The first impression your website creates on a new visitor matters a lot as that can make him to keep on checking your website on regular bases. It is always good to do away with all those free sites, that is why, at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we do advise our clients, and customers to invest their money on a quality website that will give them strong online presence, as well as increase in their revenue rather than free website, which will not have positive or meaningful impact on their company and organization.

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