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If you are a regular internet surfer, you would have come across some websites in which one or more of its webpage is given error 404. Most of the time, you feel frustrated or feel like the webpage is under construction, but on the other hand the website is just experiencing what we call downtime. To be frank with you, the worst part of it is that the site owner or webmaster does not know or is not aware of such downtime of his website.

Now, imagine a situation whereby you are having an ecommerce website, how would you know if your website is having a down time, someone is trying to hack your website, or when your website goes down. As an individual, entrepreneur, company manager, or any other position having a website, you really need to know whenever your website is having a downtime or not available to your visitor.

To be realistic with you, if you are not visiting your website 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, you will not know when your website is available to visitors, and search engines like google, and if you attempt to do it manually by yourself, you will not be able to detect some technical errors on your website. This is why so many companies decided to outsource their website monitoring to top technology company like MEMESCO SOLUTIONS. When you outsource your website monitoring service to technology company, they will monitor your website on your behalf, and ensure you are the first person to know about whatever happens on your website.

Website Monitoring Services with dynamic solution

As a site owner, you need to accept the fact that website monitoring service is an integral part of your website, if you actually want it to be successful online. Of course, you want to convert your visitor to profits, but what happen if visitor cannot access your website. When visitors cannot access your website, they become frustrated and never to return back to your site. Then all the effort and money used to create, host, manage, design, and develop the website becomes waste, as you starts loosing untold profits owing to your site having downtime. The fact is that you cannot handle your website’s downtime yourself. That is why companies and corporate organizations had been outsourcing their website monitoring services to information Technology Company like us.

At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we offer web monitoring services with optional 30-days. So, you will relax while our powerful technology couple with human cognitive intelligence will monitor your website 24/ 7 for you, and at the same time feeding you reports on what is happening on your website.

Website Monitoring Service and Profitability

Your site’s success and profitability can be measure both by accessibility and performance. If your site is having a poor performance or poor accessibility, your chances of losing customers and untold profit becomes drastically high, as you will definitely lose several customers who finds it difficult to access or navigate your website, without you being aware of it. Take for instance, if a website is taken too much time to load, your site visitor will find it boring, and go to another site, with high probability of not coming back to your site again. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, our web monitoring service is powerful and sophisticated enough in such a way that, it will not only alert you in case of downtime, but also notify you whenever your website starts developing performance issue, while also providing you with solutions to it to ensure your profit is not affected.

Getting over your competitors

In a competitive world technology and ecommerce full of competitors and rivals, you must try adopt any web service that can give you an edge over your competitors and rivals. The reason for this is that, visitors who come to your website must have been to other site, when they discover this development on their site, they always like to come back to your site as they see this as one of the many reasons why they have to take a regular visit to your website. With website monitoring service, you are a step ahead your rivals and competitor.

Time Factor

Whether you are having an individual site, company website, corporate website, or any form of website for advert, business, commerce, or transaction, you need to be aware that every minutes or seconds of downtime costs you significant amount of profits, site visitors, potential customers and clients. The efficient way to go is to implement web monitoring service on your website which will inform you when you site goes offline or experience downtime, ensures that your site remains profitable, while also preserving and protecting whatever investments, resources and inputs you have put on your website to develop it.

At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we are one of the few Information technology company providing web monitoring services. With our web monitoring service, your sites availability and performance will be extensive monitored, while at the same time sending your alerts and notification ahead, with comprehensive solution. All our services are with optional 30-days money back guarantee. You can use the form below to request our service.

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