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As a new business owner or company director, you probably just discovered your company needs a website, but the revenue of the company or organization is not robust or big enough in such a way as to create huge presence online through dynamic website, social media and network, as well as running various online marketing campaign. You don’’t need to worry as there are 4 top technical tips for which your company or organization could create and own a website with huge online presence, all on a shoestring budget. Base on our experience at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, the following are some of the technical tips for which your company, organization, NGOs, and so on could own a website on a shoestring budget;

1. Choosing the right web development company ; As we all knows, many web development and hosting company with different term and conditions. So, you are already spoilt with choices here, as your choice of web Development Company will go a long way to determine your success when it comes to the area of online digital marketing. You actually needs a web development company with proven experience and technical savvy expert. This is an area where so many get it wrong, as it will amount to waste of money, time, energy, and resources if you choose a web development company who will not deliver. What is the essence of having a website if it cannot increase your income and catered for itself. For instance, many of our clients at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS chooses us due to our paste experience in developing website, and various applications for several companies and organizations who are on shoestring budget, or just starting afresh.

And a lot of times, those entrepreneurs choose us to build their website because we know how to save them money while still creating a website for them with huge ability to convert visitor to client, while delivering at the same time.

2. Developing Single Paged Website; This is a better option for those who are really on a very tight shoestring budget. First you ask will tell ask your freelance web developer to developer a one page website for you, which extremely cheap and affordable. As s your company begin to grow in six and revenue, you can then upgrade it to a full fledge dynamic website, with huge search engine optimization. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we are happy to do this free for all our clients who are on a very tight string. only that, they will pay for the hosting which is extremely affordable and friendly to all.

3.Purchasing Premium Web Template: You could save your company, or organization some dollar by purchasing template directly from certain websites. All depends on the method of approach adopted by the company. If a web developer, or designer sees that you’’ve bought your web template by yourself, he/ she will be willing to lower their price.As an illustration, at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, all our clients who are on shoestring budgets doesn’’t need to purchase anything at all, as we are big enough to cater for that. All they will do is to pay for hosting, while we takes care of the rest, and this actually goes a long way in their decision to remain with us.

4. Integrating email package with web Development At this level, we need to consider email marketing software, as a the owner or director of a company still on shoestring budget, you want to minimize cost at every possible means. Since, you will need email marketing software for your digital marketing, just as you need your website, it is more economical to have an email marketing developed and integrated with your website to avoid additional payment for the developing email marketing software and integration. Depending on the web development company you chooses, as some will charge separately for each. But at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, the moment you inform us that your company is on shoestring budget, we’’ll develop customized email package and integrate it with your website at no additional cost.

Generally speaking, if you are to have a dynamic functional website with marketing capability, it should cost you a fortune, but with the four rules listed and explained above, you shouln’’t but over spent as several cost will had been cut for easier investment on your cashflow .

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