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In a world with ever growing trends in information technology, it becomes imperative for companies and organization who wants to keep on growing to venture into online digital marketing with mobile responsiveness. As we all knows that the world now digitalize, more companies are now taking advantage of this digitalization to market their, and in the process getting huge awareness for their products and services. The end result is that your company will have huge turnover, in terms of sales and profits. So how do you get maximum benefit, and huge increase in annual turnover?

There are thousands of companies all over the world who had embrace digitalization, by engaging in online marketing, with little or no positive result to show for it. Of course, every company who goes into internet and online digital marketing wants increase in their annual turnover. The actual fact is that very few are getting result due to absence of mobile responsiveness. Your website is of little benefit if it is not mobile responsive, as more people are now using mobile phones, iPad, android, smart phone, tablet, and all sorts of mobile device. The actual fact is that you will be losing a lot of potential clients and customer if they cannot access your website effective and easily on their mobile device. With current trend in web and information technology, it is of no use to create a website that is not mobile friendly, in addition to waste of money and resources.

Every website must be mobile responsive or responsive to mobile device, if it’’s to yield desire result, and fulfill its purpose. A website that is not responsive will be difficult to use on mobile phone, since a potential client or customer who visit your website will have to be scrolling from one end to another which will not be appealing to him, and as a result deciding to go elsewhere. The way your site shows on various mobile devices will go a long way in deciding how successful your online digital marketing campaign will be, considering the fact that more people will access your website on mobile device than desktop. So you must have it in mind at the time of developing your website that, it will be visited by more people than desktop. that is why, at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we develop responsive website for all our clients all over the world, meaning that your website will be responsive to any device such as android phone, windows phone, tablet, iPad, iphone and so on.

If a website is responsive, when a visitor visit the site, the website will automatically discover the device, thereby adapting and readjusting the website to suit the device, so all images, layout, text, and so on will be scaled to fit the screen of the device, so that the site visitor will not have to be scroll either left to right or right to left, regardless of the device being used, whether it is iPhone, mini laptop, notebook, tablet or any other device.

All the major search engines like google, yahoo search, bing, ASK, and so on had upgrade their technology in such a way that it can responsive website and websites with mobile version for better ranking and optimization. With this, you can expect significant visitor to your website through all the major search engines.

Lastly, we are going to talk about what we called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In short Search engine optimization is the act of making website to attain high rank within a short time to ensure maximum exposure and priority from search engines. Billions of people searches through various search engine for one thing or the other, meaning that people will discover your website through search engine. Then, what happen if millions of people aren’’t discovering your website through search engine? This is telling you how imperative it is for your website to be mobile responsive.This had been one of our many hall mark at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, which one of the many reasons why our clients all over the world had remained with us. In conclusion, we must not forget our friend, Social Media. Always use, use social media to promote your website, as the impact of social media like twitter, facebook, google plus, linkedin, and so on cannot be over emphasize when it comes to online digital marketing for effective result and maximum revenue.

At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we gives series of strategy to all our clients on how to combat issues related with SEO of their website, while also helping them to take charge of their global online digital marketing and mobile responsiveness. For this reason, all our clients had continue to remain with us, as they takes on other area for the development of their company, while we help them with digital marketing of their brand and company

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