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Sometimes, spending or investing thousands of dollars on quality website and SEO doesn’t delivers up to expectation simply because downtime and poor performances. You may have high quality content couple with a well designed layout that makes site visitors stand in awe of your website, but if there is no provision for website monitoring services your business will be lacking behind in competition with direct rival while also losing ground against them in the market. For this purpose, several companies and organizations have started implementing website monitoring services on their website to check for performances and downtime. Here are for importance of implementing website monitoring services on your website if you are concern about your business and want more successes online;

1. Poor Site performance leads to Reduction in Search Ranking

Generally, people believes that search engines such as google only penalizes them when there website is experiencing downtime whereas reverse is the case. World major search engines such as google, yahoo seach, bing, ask, etc will not only penalize you for downtime only, but also when your website is having poor performance. Imagine a situation whereby you’ve spent thousands of dollars to get a quality website for your company only for it to be penalize by search engines for poor performances and downtime, it means all money and effort invested on having a quality website goes down the drain with little or nothing to show for it, this is why you have to protect and insure your website by implementing website monitoring services on it. With our website monitoring services, you will be the first to know when your website is experiencing downtime or poor performances with option to rectify it to avoid being penalized by google and other major search engines.

2. Images and Brand Protection

Every company, organization, NGOs, and general corporate bodies will want to protect their images and brands by every possible means, and when it comes to issue of protecting your company name and brands online, websites comes first as it plays a very crucial role in protecting all that has to do with your company. So persistent poor site performance couple with frequent downtime will do nothing but tarnish the image of your organization and brands by sending wrong signals to potentials clients and customers. The only sure and effective way to prevent your website from these mess it to implement website monitoring service on your website, and this highlight some of the reasons why individuals and companies had been approaching us to help them in implementing our website monitoring service on the website, in addition to the fact that our website monitoring service comes with optional 30-days money back guarantee.

3. Avoiding Loss of Customers and Sales

Poor site performances and downtime simply means nothing but loss of potential clients, customers, and profit. Off course having website for business and organization is about getting customers and raking in more profit, so each time your site is having poor performance and downtime you are actually losing potential clients in revenue. Since no company will want to lose clients, revenues and customers to their rival competitor, then the need to have quality website monitoring services in place to avoid potential poor site performance and downtime. Like our own MEMESCO Website monitoring services which uses sophisticated technology and human cognitive intelligence to monitors your website for optimal performance and prevent it against potential site downtime, and it comes with optional 30-days money back guarantee.

4. Possibility of Detecting Hackers before Damage to your Site

One of the delicate and worse ever thing that could happen to a website is for it to be hacked by hackers, simply because it is the fastest way in which your site can be blacklisted by search engines such as google, bing, yahoo search, ask, etc. With our website monitoring service, you will be notify of anyone who tries to gatecrash your site for mischievous act or who tries to hack your website, so you will be able to deal with the threat thereby avoiding any threat to your website. If you have spent some dollars to develop quality website, why not secure it by spending little amount of dollar on MEMESCO WEB MONITORING SERVICES to secure your website against potential hackers, downtime, and poor performances.

Off course, as an organization, individual, or company you actually needs to invest and partners with some service providers to ensure maximum success. Off course, you can partner with us for our website monitoring services. With our website monitoring service your business and website will be void of any potential threat which may tarnish the image of your company, organization, brands, and product to the extent of protecting your website from being blacklisted by some of the world major search engines like google and so on, with optional 30-days money back guarantee.

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