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Every company and organization intends getting an increase on their return on investment which we called ROI. An area that comes to mind in this perspective is developing your company or organizations website, as we all know that it is a must for any company to have website if they must growth and significance increase in their annual turnover, which means to a great extent, your company’s website is an integral part of your marketing plan and strategy. So having a website for your company is no more a necessity but a must if your company is to keep on growing, and stay along with advances in web and information technology. One of the first decision, you will have to make if you are creating, or developing a website for your company is choosing the right web development company, as we all knows that there are millions of web development company worldwide. Choosing the right web Development Company becomes a critical issue demanding urgent attention because a well planned and developed website bring traffic, popularity, and fortune, in terms of revenue to your company, while an average or poorly developed website will do the opposite.

Whenever, you are looking for great web Development Company, the following tips must be known, and critically examined;

1. Graphic Design Your website should be candid, and appealing to such an extent that, visitor will want to come back time and time. So many company and organization pays little or no attention to graphic design of their website. Even, if your website had useful content and information, they will not want to come back, as they will try and look elsewhere. Every website visitor wants a website that is appealing, candid and user friendly. You must request for past projects done by the web development company, so as to have a critical look at the design. Once you are satisfy with their graphic design, you can them move to the next tip which is marketing.

2. Marketing The whole world is going on digitalization, meaning that this had to be greatly considered, for your company not to be behind. As new technologies kept on evolving, new strategies for digital marketing are being developed, also considering the fact that, every company, organization, or establishments have to stay abreast of latest information technology, to ensure maximum profitability. You must give priority to web development company who had been in digital and online marketing for a while, to ensure increase in fortune and maximum profitability. At MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we expertly do this for all our clients at no additional cost. Once, your website had been developed and host on our server, our staff automatically starts digital marketing on your behalf. Your own is to sit down and leave all the digital marketing for us. This is one of the many factors why our clients had remained with us all this while. If your business is to experience huge success, then digital marketing is one of the many factors to give serious attention to.

3. Professionalism Never accept, or give your web development project to any web development company who doesn’t have ethics. All reputable web design and development company must terms and conditions, which you must pay attention to, in addition to being license or registered. It is your duty to ask for evidence of being license or registered with the appropriate body, so you must not be afraid to ask any question from them.

4. Copyright Factor Different web development industry had different methods of doing things. A reputable web development industry must have copywriter as part of their setup. Some company will ask you to provide the content by yourself because they don’’t write content. Even if you have written and develop the content by yourself, you must have it in mind that a reputable web development industry must have copywriter as part of their setup. Take, for instance, at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we have department of copywriters who write and develop content for our numerous client. If you have develop your content, we are happy to use it, but for those who don’’t have the time to write their cont, our copywriters are more than ready to write for them at no addition cost. If you’’ve not develop content for your website already, ask them if they have a team of copywriter, if they say no, then you can make decision whether to continue with them or not. This is simply because, some web development company just go online and copy content from other website and put it on your website without telling you. This is very risky because you will be caught by google, and your website will be eventually blackmail for copyright infringement. Copyright factor is as important as other factors.

5. The Update Factor? Who will be updating the site? What if you want to update it by yourself, will there be provision for that? How much do they charge for update? These are some of the many questions that need to be asked before committing yourself to them, so that you will not be caught unaware. I will advise you to have both just as we do at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS for all our clients all over the world.

6. Financial Terms. You need to ask their for financial terms and fees structure, you must ensure that all the financial terms are well spelled out. For some web development company, they work on project basis while some works on hourly basis. If they work on hourly basis, how much do they charge per hour, most web development industry will charge between $50 - $150 per hour. Ask the companies to explain their fee structure and be sure to get an estimated project cost. Make sure that things are spelled out what's going to be provided at what cost. You don't want any surprises. Some companies work on a project basis, others work on an hourly basis. What's the average hourly rate a reputable web company should charge? Great question, but a tough one to answer. Numbers are all over the board, but normally, you'll find companies charging between $50 - $150 per hour. Take as illustration, at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS, we offer flexible services to all our clients all over the world. During negotiation, we do ask our clients for their preference, whether hourly basis, or project basis, with all financial terms and conditions clearly spelled out with 30-days money back guarantee. Having considered all the above factors, if you are not satisfied with the company, then it is time to move on.

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