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Online business or eCommerce have become one of the latest and emerging concept in retail industry for all as there are hundreds of thousands of ecommerce websites and online stores, while new ones are launch on daily basis. The fact remains that few of those ecommerce and online store website has the potential to be successful and fulfill its purpose. This is simply because of strong and fierce competition to reach a global audience and potential customers for more sales and services.

There are several opportunities available to you when you have online store and ecommerce website operating 24/7 which you can actually benefit from, albeit certain errors, silly mistakes, and pitfalls really needs to be avoided in order to have a highly successful online store or ecommerce website. Highlighted below are some mistakes and pitfall you really needs to avoid;

A Lack Of Product Descriptions

It is normal for buyers, customers, and potential customers to view description of any particular products and services before making up their mind whether to buy the product or not, meaning that mere image display or picture of your product is not enough as you need to give both short and full description of any particular product you are selling, also the description must be compelling to customers and potential customers to ensure sales. For many years, we have been setting up and developing online stores and ecommerce website for individuals and companies with high success rate and this had been part of what is responsible for our successes as we help our clients and customers to write and develop quality content and description for all their products.

No Contact Information

Contact details is very important for potential customers or buyers as they will want to know whom they are dealing with, they will be suspicious if your contact detail is not included in your online store, you can even go as far as putting location map of your area to your ecommerce website or online store for credibility, and acceptance. Failure to include contact detail and possibly location map to your website will make them not to trust you thereby forcing them to move to one of your rival competitor in search of a legitimate online store and ecommerce.

Tiny Product Images

High quality image of your products are very crucial and essential to ensure and maintain constant sales and services for online stores. You need to understand the fact that visitors and potential customers are not present to touch or feel texture of the product, Low quality, small, and ambiguous will not only infuriate potential buyers but will bring bad reputation to your online store or ecommerce website, and many online stores had failed woefully in this area thereby making them to fold up completely.

As for us at MEMESCO SOLUTION, it is our duty and responsibility to provide high quality images or pictures to our customers if we feel that the pictures or images giving to us are not quality enough to impress potential buyers and this we had been doing over the years with huge successes. You cannot overlook importance and necessity of quality images for maximum sales in online store and ecommerce.

Lack Of Payment Options

Due to restrictions and one reason or the other, everybody does not and cannot hold paypal, credit card, or master card, meaning that you should offer wide range of payment options that can satisfy individual needs. Imagine a situation whereby a buyer intends buying your product and does not have any of your payment option he will be force to look elsewhere. To ensure maximum success, your payment option should be friendly to potential buyers and customers which means should be broad.

When it comes to payment option, the web development company should be able to assist you in getting virtually all options available for online payment gateway just as we do at MEMESCO SOLUTIONS for all our clients, and it had really help us to achieve huge and immeasurable success which makes individual, industries, and corporate organizations coming for our services.

All the above mistakes and pitfall really needs to be avoided by all possible means and efforts in order to set up a successful retail store or ecommerce website, in addition to having appropriate strategic plan.

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